This past Sunday, Pastor Jeff Allen shared the message Trusting God's Word from II Timothy 3:10-17 reminding us of the journey and trials that we will experience as "sent ones" of the King. In the midst of this journey of faith, the Word of God is a trusted companion directing our path through its divine inspiration, through its inerrant and infallible character, and in its nature as our final authority for faith and practice.  To hear or download this teaching, go to Messages Online.  

This coming Sunday, Pastor Jeff will speak again from Holy Scripture in the message Celebrating God's Word from Psalm 119. Join us each Sunday at 9:15am as we gather for Worship and share a cup of fair trade coffee or tea - Gathered Worship begins at 9:30am. On Sunday April 19 & 26 at 11:00am, our Spring EXPLORE Class will be offered in the Library / Study for those interested in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ at Faith Community Church - During these gatherings, no question is off limits.