This week at Faith

The call to action from the message of this past Sunday was an invitation through the voice of the Psalmist to "test me O God".  This invitation reflects the culmination of our time in Psalm 139 demonstrating the inescapable nature of God - where nothing is hidden, even our deepest of thoughts and motives are apparent to the one who knit us together in our mothers womb.  In the midst of our journey, we are never alone as God's right hand leads, directs, and holds us secure.
To hear or download this message, go to Messages online. 

During the upcoming Labor Day weekend, Pastor Jeff Allen will draw our summer of Walking with the Psalms to a close in the message Hallelujah, Praise God! from Psalm 150.  Looking ahead to Sunday, September 13 - we celebrate our partnership with APEX Church as they host their first Preview Service at 11:00am.  

Join Faith Community Church each Sunday as we gather for Worship at 9:30am.  APEX Church (Preview Service #1) begins at 11:00am on September 13th.