This past Sunday Pastor Jeff Allen shared his message entitled Covenant and Offerings from Psalm 50. Pastor Jeff helped us remember that God is the only Judge and He is the witness to what is the Truth. In Psalm 50 God gives us a word of admonishment to remember who He is and who we are before Him. To hear or download this message this message go to Messages On line

On Sunday, July 5th - Pastor Lynn Ann Huizingh will share a teaching from Psalm 96 entitled Our God Reigns.     

Join us each Sunday at 9:15am as we gather for Worship and share a cup of fair trade coffee or tea - Gathered Worship begins at 9:30am.     

Senior Access: Join us on Thursday, July 2nd for Senior Access at 10:00 am in Fellowship Hall. Our guest speaker this week is Andrea Pitman from The Nectar Group. She will be speaking to us about how to "build a better brain". 

Preparing for a New Arrival - Summer 2015

APEX Church and our Cultivating Vision