Discipleship Pathway

Gateway to growth

Faith Community Church has two connections that encourage Christ followers to grow and take faithful steps as Disciples of Jesus Christ. All Disciples are encouraged to participate in at least one of these connections:

Gathered Worship:
Faith Community Church gathers each Sunday morning at 9:15 am for Gathered Worship. We gather for Inspired worship that empowers us to go out as Ambassadors for the Kingdom, living out our faith in such a way as to build and expand God’s Kingdom here on earth. 

Missional Communities and Small Groups:
Our missional communities and small groups are Christ-centered groups of people who meet and gather regularly to worship God, study the bible, eat, pray, laugh, do life together and go on mission to serve our community. 

Growing Disciples who make Disciples: Leadership development


Discipling leaders are always praying for and looking for others whom God will bring together to learn the ways of Jesus in order to do the things Jesus did. As the Holy Spirit leads, disciples are invited into a Huddle experience and relationship.


Disciples entering into the Huddle experience desire to learn how to grow other disciples and multiply the Kingdom impact where God has placed them.


Disciples who have completed the Huddle experience become sent ones. Each of us are sent out into the world to use the gifts, talents and passions God has given us to share our gospel story for the purpose of building and expanding God’s Kingdom.



Disciples are in regular contact with the leader who leads their Huddle group to debrief experiences, to pray together and to support one another in following God’s invitation to growth and multiplication.