Dear Family of Faith ~

Sunday, May 2, 2021 the Consistory hosted a congregational meeting to review and receive an update on the Reformed Church of America issue concerning the LGBTQ community.

In 2007 Faith Community Church Elders affirmed: (The full letter from the Elders is included in on the website)

  1. The RCA Statement of belief that same sex acts are contrary to the will of God for human sexuality

  2. Homosexuality is no more or no less serious than other forms of human sinfulness...that homosexuals should

    be accorded their full measure of human and civil rights

  3. Agree entirely that giving this much attention to homosexuality will result in conflict that distracts the RCA (and

    Faith Community Church) from its core mission.

In our meeting we asked you as a congregation to spend the next month in prayer to discern the heart of Christ for and through Faith Community Church specifically in regard to this issue.

A number of documents have been provided for you to read, to pray over and through and ultimately come to your own decision about where you feel Christ is leading you personally, and Faith Community Church as we may be asked to determine whether we continue within the Reformed Church in America or not.

The following list and brief description of each document that are shown below (select each link individually) will assist you in knowing the general content of the documents included for your review and prayerful discernment:

●  Biblical References: A brief list of Scripture referring to sexual sins, God’s declarations concerning those same sins and His divine plan for relationships between men and women.

 Great Lakes City Classis: Affinity Synods: A proposal to General Synod to consider forming 2 new synods within the denomination. A conservative synod and an open and affirming synod.

 Preferred Future for the RCA: Seven guiding principles provided by General Secretary Eddy Aleman for how the RCA can move into the future together.

 Alliance of Reformed Churches (ARC) Missional Overview: Missional overview of a new more conservative denomination breaking off of the RCA.

●  Alliance of Reformed Churches (ARC) Organizational Convictions: Statements of belief, organizational structures and policies. The ARC has officially launched as of May 1, 2021 and all documents have now been affirmed.

●  Grace and Truth Commission: A proposal to General Synod put forth by the Rocky Mountain Classis for consideration that highlights specific values in Theology, Ministry and Discipline within the Church.

●  Heart of the ARC_Living as Servant Leaders: A one page document describing Leadership values and styles affirmed by the Alliance of Reformed Churches.

●  RCA Vision 2020 Final Report: Review of the historical context within the RCA regarding LGBTQ concerns, Recommendations regarding three pathways forward: Staying together, Radical Reorganization of the denomination or Gracious separation. The report goes into detail in each of the recommendations as to how the Vision 2020 team could envision the RCA moving forward into the future.

Consistory has called for a second congregational meeting on Sunday, June 6th immediately following worship. Congregation members will be offered an opportunity to ask questions and receive what answers we may have. At the end of the meeting we will ask each person to anonymously vote as the Spirit leads them regarding this difficult issue. We will vote to:

●  Continue in the Reformed Church in America (Preferred Future of the RCA, Affinity Synods)

●  Leave the Reformed Church in America (Alliance of Reformed Churches, or other denomination)

●  Wait until after General Synod in October 2021 to determine next steps for Faith Community Church


Thank you for your prayerful consideration and study in preparation for our next meeting.

Faith Community Church Consistory 2021