Awakening on the Horizon

I concluded my last BLOG with the statement – “I am sensing that a season of casting upon the water and of harvest is coming. Come!”

The sense of a coming harvest has been rising in me, in our small church, and in our surrounding community for quite some time. Here are two back-to-back events from today that point in the direction of a coming season of harvest.

The first was my daily devotional from the Moravians ( which simply referenced John 4:34-35:

Jesus said, “I do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work. Do you not say, ‘Four months more, then comes the harvest’? But I tell you, look around you, and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting.”

After my devotional time, I headed out and met up with a group of local leaders for a time of prayer. There were about fifteen or so men and women of various backgrounds, denominations, ministries, and local communities who gathered on this morning. Our invitation was to gather - uniting in prayer for the Body of Christ in Littleton and for the needs of our city … and to specifically pray so that God’s Kingdom might come and his will be might be done in Littleton as it is in heaven. The time together was brief, rich, and thick with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. After the gathering I shared with one person a picture of a game of Red Rover where it seemed that our arms were interlocked one with another, as a spiritual family, connected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

This morning’s events reminded me of the concluding words shared by Paul Maconochie at the January 2018 gathering of 3DM leaders. Paul reminded us of three things needed to ignite an Awakening in our day:

1) Praying – In Acts 1:4 the disciples were told by Jesus “to wait for the gift my Father promised”. A few short verses later we see the disciples enacting this plan of action by withdrawing to an upstairs room where “all joined together constantly in prayer.” Folks, in this season we need to be gathering, worshipping, praising, and most importantly praying like the disciples in Acts 1 seeking to be clothed with power from on high in preparation for a kingdom breakthrough. May we be praying together:

  • Asking - God to provide abundant workers for the coming harvest!

  • Persevering – humbly seeking for the Lord to bend us to his will and plan as we repent and turn out the rocks or weeds that have long been a dam of distraction holding back the rushing water of the Word!

  • Inviting - Holy Spirit power to move through the Church (with a capital “C”) for a 100-fold Kingdom harvest!

May we pray together without ceasing, seeking the face of God while welcoming the loving hands of the potter to shape and mold us.

2) Sharing – At Pentecost, 3,000 came to faith in a single day. I long for this picture to be a reality in our understandably skeptical world. Along with much prayer – a significant need exists to equip folks to see, to listen, and to share effectively about the signs of the times and the good news of Jesus Christ. I celebrate that in our small church a host of leaders are facilitating a Holy Week gathering to equip people to identify and name their unique gospel story. To be able to understand their story and to be able to share the GOSPEL that they carry as revealed through the God-shaped events of their life. This gathering is intended to bring to the surface their MY GOSPEL story (as Paul might say in Romans 2:16 and 16:25) so that they can more effectively share it with others as they walk along the road.

3. Discipling – As we pray and share the gospel, the coming season of harvest will also require us to teach people to obey everything that Jesus has taught and commanded. This is discipleship. This is living a Jesus-shaped life. This is living a life that is worthy of imitation (I Cor. 4:16). This is inviting others to “do as I do” (not just as I say) as we live amongst a discerning generation who can spot a hypocrite a mile away. In this coming season of harvest - I am praying for God to shape and mold me as a spiritual parent, as a mentor, as an encourager, and as a living example worthy of imitation. This cannot be done in private - rather, it needs to take place on an extended family scale where Spiritual Parents live out Predictable Patterns that lead us together into God’s Missional Purpose.

I am sensing that a season of casting upon the water and of harvest is coming. Come - Praying! Sharing! Discipling!

Celebrating the Journey!

Jeff Allen

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