Small church on a BIG Mission

Cultivating Missional Discipleship in Smaller Churches

Book Overview

I am blessed to serve as a pastor of a relatively small church that happens to be a part of one of the mainline denominational groups (Reformed Church in America). The journey of being pastor has been far from easy (as the book confesses), yet it has also been a journey filled with blessings that I could never have imagined decades ago—blessings that have helped me celebrate that I am a part of a small church on a Big Mission.

This book is a journal of discovery sharing practical principles of discipleship and mission personally applied as a disciple and leader within a small church on a Big Mission. 


This book is divided into three sections reflecting my journey of Personal Transformation, the Practical Realities encountered along the journey that many have asked me to share, and the Purposeful Direction undertaken together with other leaders in our context as a small church on a Big Mission.


Each chapter begins with a story from my journal of discovery followed by helpful resources and tools that have been applied in this topic. Each chapter concludes with a few questions for personal reflection and discovery as you consider taking steps in your own context.

Jeff shares a briefly about being called to be a Pastor of small church on a Big Mission


Jeff's Bio

Jeff Allen serves as the Lead Pastor of Faith Community Church in Littleton, CO; is the Executive Leader of the Together in Mission Network; and is a certified disciple-making Coach, Consultant, and Hub leader with 3DM (; is engaged in the equipping of disciple-making leaders across North America through the Reformed Church in America (RCA); and to the ends of the earth equipping leaders in the Baltics in partnership with the Baltic Pastoral Institute in Riga, Latvia.